Rehab-Clinic Schloss Hamborn

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Rehab-Clinic Schloss Hamborn
LocationHamborn, Germany

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The Rehab-Clinic Schloss Hamborn at Hamborn Castle is located about seven kilometres south of Paderborn. The hospital has 75 beds and specializes in the rehabilitation of cancer (especially breast cancer), as well as somatoform disorders and orthopaedic diseases. Schloss Hamborn is the only anthroposophical institution that is recognized not only by the health insurances, but also by the pension and allowance providers.[1] It is certified by AnthroMed and part of its clinic network.[1]


Hamborn Castle has been the anthroposophic centre in East Westphalia for over 70 years.[1] In 1955, a group around Kurt Magerstädt came together and called for the construction of a clinic with about 100 beds. Ita Wegman had planned the "Waldwiese" on the other side of the Ellerbach valley as the location for the clinic.

Subsequently, the initiative group as well as the medical profession of the Ruhr district met with the sponsor "Soziales Hilfswerk Schloß Hamborn e. V.". At this meeting, the conclusion was reached that no clinic should be built in Hamborn, but "only" a convalescent home. The clinic planned at that time was later built in Herdecke (Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Herdecke). On April 26, 1959, the cornerstone of the "Kurheim Schloss Hamborn" was laid by Margarethe Kirchner-Bockholt, head of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum/Dornach and Klaus Jensen, the first medical director of Schloss Hamborn. The inauguration ceremony of the newly built Kurheim takes place one year later on April 3, 1960.

In the years 1967-1969 the sanatorium is further expanded, intensive and ultimately successful negotiations take place with the Bundesversicherungsanstalt für Angestellte (BfA) and the house is renamed "Sanatorium Schloss Hamborn". In 1996 construction work begins on a further extension. In 1997, Coelestine Sichelschmidt-von Kuyck begins her work at the facility, which has since been renamed "Reha-Klinik Schloss Hamborn".[2]



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