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I am Mark Hancock and live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I work at Humanizing Medicine, an Anthroposophic clinic where we serve families for regular care. I also use mistletoe in the care of cancer patients. We use mistletoe intravenously and do MFIT (Mistletoe Fever Induction Therapy). I have seen virtually every one of my patients derive some clinical benefit from the use of mistletoe.

We also operate a small free clinic asa non profit, for those without enough finances to afford membership in our Anthroposophic clinic.

It is my ambition to see integrative medicine really develop in the United States and I have not seen any more ideal form of integrative medicine than Anthroposophic medicine- though I also really enjoy hearing about other modalities.

Aside from medicine, I enjoy studying minerals and plants. I really like gardening and use biodynamic preparations as a novice. I really like to improve soil and have been impressed with climate changing regenerative agriculture.