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Alternative medicine is medicine that stands in different kinds of polarities to conventional medicine. The following table contains aspects because of which medical systems may be called alternative. Such medicine might be used instead of conventional medicine. If it is thought of something that is not inside conventional medicine but has some right of existence and might form some sort of bigger whole it might be called complementary medicine. If the focus is on dialog between complementary and conventional medicine the term integrative medicine came into use.

Possible reasons for being called alternative
Aspect conventional medicine alternative medicine respective term
Science scientific unscientific, not scientific, pseudoscientific scientific medicine pseudoscientific medicine
Distribution mainstream practiced by minorities mainstream medicine
Relation to common sense orthodox unorthodox orthodox medicine unorthodox medicine
conventional unconventional conventional medicine unconventional medicine
Where is it being tought? academic (tought on universities) known by common people or staff without academic education academic medicine
Practiced by doctors Mostly non doctors: healers, common people, naturopaths
Quality, safety, harmfulness quackery quackery
Cultural origin based on western culture based on different cultures western medicine traditional medicine
Paradigmata Reductionism, materialism Acceptance of i.e. life forces, spirit or soul