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LocationIm Haberschlai 7, 70794 Filderstadt-Bonlanden, DE

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The Filderklinik in Filderstadt-Bonlanden is one of six integrative and anthroposophic oriented hospitals in Germany. The operator is the non-profit corporation Filderklinik gGmbH.

The main founders of the Filderklinik, which has existed since 1975, were Hermann and Ernst Mahle, founders of the Mahle corporation. The Mahle-Stiftung GmbH is the main shareholder and also the largest sponsor of the Filderklinik gGmbH.

The hospital employs around 760 staff and has 300 beds. In 2017, 12,185 patients were treated as inpatients and 32,753 patients as outpatients. The free Nursing school affiliated with the Filderklinik has 60 training places.

The first major construction phase was designed by architect Christoph Klein and artist Wilfried Ogilvie. By its own account, the Filderklinik was the hospital with the lowest Caesarean sectionrate in Germany in 2014. The clinic also actively participated in the Baden-Württemberg state's campaign to strengthen natural childbirth.

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