Haus am Stalten

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Privatklinik Haus am Stalten, Fachklinik für Anthroposophische Medizin (AM)
LocationEndenburg (Steinen), Germany

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Haus am Stalten is a private clinic in the Black Forest, Germany with a focus on anthroposophic medicine. It was founded over 40 years ago.[1] General illnesses, psychosomatic disorders, cancer, rheumatism, multiple sclerosis and autoimmune diseases are treated. Preventive health care and training in how to deal with chronic stress are also offered.[1] It has 30 beds.[2] Head of the clinic is Christian Büttner.[3]


The Sanatorium Haus am Stalten owes its existence to a larger circle of physicians around Herbert Sieweke.[3] The realization of the ideas of the physicians is due to Jürg Fels, who worked for it in the years 1973-1976 and found the place for the sanatorium.[3] In autumn 1976 the sanatorium for general medicine is opened.[3]



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