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Welcome and thank you for your interest. Everyone is welcome to participate in Imedwiki.

To participate, the following is required:

  • create an account. User names should be the plain names (civil names). Anonymous editing is not possible. Writing under pseudonym is not desired.
  • the email address must be confirmed to be able to edit.
  • it is desired to create a short self-portrayal on the user page. Here you can also practice using the wiki. The user page can always be found by clicking on one's own name at the top of the menu between language selection and messages.
    • Much of what applies to Wikipedia also applies here. In this respect the help pages of Wikipedia are good to start with:
  • When editing texts, please follow the principles.
  • Contributions from new users must first (according to the procedure of the German Wikipedia) be viewed by a user with viewing rights. After an appropriate number of own edits this limitation is lifted and in a second stage the own edits are sighted automatically, after that contributions of other users may be sighted.

When writing contributions Wikilove, as described on Wikipedia is helpful.

I am happy to help with advice & support: User:Christoph Holtermann. Just leave a message on my User discussion page or send an email to