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I am a doctor in Berlin, Germany in residency training to be a general practitioner, most recently working in a general practice in Berlin, now in orientation for the specialty examination. I am interested in the job profile of a school physician at the Waldorf School.

Since my youth I have been interested in electronics, computers, mathematics, science and art. I was looking for a connection between science and art. I found this towards the end of my school years in anthroposophy.

Since my medical studies I have been interested in Anthroposophical Medicine. In Integrative Medicine I appreciate the dialogue between medical cultures of different paradigms, be it a homeopathic, anthroposophic or purely scientific approach.

I have been involved with the Academy of the Society of Anthroposophic Physicians in Germany (GAÄD) for a number of years, as well as on its extended board and even longer in the Young Physicians Forum, and also with Young people in integrative healthcare (YPIH).

In 2008 I started to contribute to the German Wikipedia as C holtermann. I appreciate the collegial exchange and the search for common formulations. However, in my opinion, the field of integrative medicine is not sufficiently represented in Wikipedia.


In the fall of 2019, I founded Imedwiki to provide a perspective- and science-pluralistic platform to represent and advance integrative medicine.

I managed several other internet services and technical projects. In terms of content, my interest here lies particularly in the networking of people and knowledge. I am a supporter of the idea of free software and try to use such wherever possible, e.g. Linux, or for this very wiki Mediawiki.


Users can send me messages on my discussion page. I receive the emails sent to


You can support my work through liberapay - also symbolic payments help!