Integratives Haus der Gesundheit Heidenheim

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Integratives Haus der Gesundheit Heidenheim
LocationHeidenheim an der Brenz, Germany

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The Integratives Haus der Gesundheit Heidenheim (Integrative house of health Heidenheim) is a is a multigenerational house (Mehrgenerationenhaus) with a therapeutic focus in the field of integrative, especially anthroposophic medicine located in Heidenheim, Germany. It was opened on 23.9.2017, the process was carried by 15 women, including Carmen Eppel.[1] The development took place in cooperation and with the support of local politics.[2] The House of Health is a member of the Competence Network Integrative Medicine Baden-Württemberg. Different doctors and therapists are active in the Therapeutikum. There is a practice for general medicine, a practice for gynecology, an open meeting space, ring talks, a Waldorf kindergarten group, occupational therapy, a midwife practice, osteopathy, a room for spiritual healing, massage, anthroposophical body therapy, the kulturbühne-halbe-treppe, coaching and eurythmy therapy.[3] Since 2017, the House of Health has been a multigenerational house (in the german Bundesförderprogramm Mehrgenerationenhaus).[4]


An original idea supported by people of different professions was to grasp health education closer to the people and at eye level in a new way. For this purpose, a non-profit association was founded in 2016/2017 and a holistic concept was developed that included medicine, therapy, pedagogy, culture, social and civic engagement.[5] At the center of the networking efforts is the multigenerational house (Mehrgenerationenhaus).[5] As an open meeting place, it is intended to bundle and mediate voluntary commitment from all areas and create low-threshold access to health-promoting courses and offers.[5] According to its own statements, the aim is to connect life worlds, strengthen social cohesion, bring together people of all generations, healthy and sick people, those who help and those seeking help.[5] One aim is to promote taking responsibility for one's own health.[5] In 2016, the project was the center and host for an event in the series Zukunft ambulante Anthroposophische Medizin.[2][6]


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