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Vidar hospital Järna

The Vidar hospital was an acute and rehab hospital in Järna, Sweden with a focus on anthroposophic medicine. The facility was operated by the Vidarkliniken Foundation.[1] It was active from 1985 to 2019.[1] In 2018, it withdrew from the Association of Anthroposophic Clinics, and clinic operations could not be maintained.[2] Various additional therapies were offered, e.g. art therapy, external applications and eurythmy therapy.[3]


Vidar hospital Ytterjärna October 2012

A cultural center was established in Ytterjärna in 1935, when a group of German exiles established a refuge for people with disabilities who were threatened in Nazi Germany. Within a short period of time, three large curative educational institutions grew out of it, which gave rise to other institutions. Over the years, more than a hundred small businesses of various types have sprung up in the area.[4]

The hospital began operations on September 29, 1985,[5] and operated partly in the Erik Asmussen-designed premises of the hospital in Ytterjärna outside Järna in the municipality of Södertälje, and partly in two clinics in Stockholm and Norrköping.[6] The architecture also incorporated a reference to the recovery process.[7][8][9] In 2011, there was an acute care unit with an attached rehabilitation clinic.[10] The facility had 70 beds.[10] Vidarklinikens Sjukhus, Rehab and Vårdcentral were closed in 2019.[11] Vidarklinikens Sjukhus, Rehab and Vårdcentral were closed in 2019.[11]

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