Havelhöhe Research Institute (FIH)

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Forschungsinstitut Havelhöhe (FIH)
HeadHarald Matthes

The Havelhöhe Research Institute (FIH) (Forschungsinstitut Havelhöhe (FIH)) is located on the grounds of the Havelhöhe Community Hospital in Berlin. The institute is involved in the Hufeland Vademecum project.


The aims of the FIH are the evaluation of anthroposophic medicine, as well as scientific-theoretical work on its foundations, which, in addition to the purely physical level, also include the realms of the living, the soul and the spiritual. This is intended to contribute to the integration of anthroposophic medicine into the modern scientific landscape.[1]


When in 1995 the sponsorship of the formerly municipal hospital Havelhöhe was taken over by the "Gemeinnütziger Verein zur Förderung und Entwicklung anthroposophisch erweiterter Heilkunst e.V. Berlin" (non-profit association for the promotion and development of anthroposophically extended healing), an increasing clinical research activity for concept development and evaluation of anthroposophic medicine practiced at the Havelhöhe Community Hospital (GKH) began soon after.[2]

From 1997 on, the establishment of an independent research area was started, which resulted in the foundation of the "Havelhöhe Research Institute, FIH" in December 1999. In the same year, the GKH received the status of an academic teaching hospital of the Charité, which was also helpful for the development of the research institute. Since 2007, the FIH has been a non-profit limited liability company.[2]


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