Ita Wegman Forum

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Ita Wegman Forum
PredecessorYoung Medics Forum
HeadquartersDornach, Switzerland

The Ita Wegman Forum and Young Impulses in Anthroposophic Medicine (YIAM) are interrelated, international and interprofessional associations of and for young people with an interest in anthroposophic medicine. The focus of the two groups is somewhat different. The Ita Wegman Forum has as its goals the networking of young people with each other and in relation to existing structures and mutual support, which it tries to offer as long term as possible. Young impulses in Anthroposophic Medicine has as one goal to organize an international conference in 2024 by and for young people, based on Rudolf Steiner's so-called "Young Medics Course", which is worked on collaboratively in physical and online meetings. Among other things, both initiatives use the Yammer platform for communication. The initiatives came into being after the dissolution of the Young Medics Forum in the fall of 2020. The Ita Wegman Forum is named after the anthroposophical physician Ita Wegman.