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International Young Medics Forum
SuccessorIta Wegman Forum, Young Impulses in Anthroposophic Medicine
DissolvedAutumn 2020
HeadquartersDornach, Switzerland

The International Young Medics Forum was a connection of young people in the field of training in anthroposophic medicine, active until autumn 2020. It was connected with the medical section of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum. The aim was international and interprofessional, the focus of activity was in the German-speaking area and with medical students and residents. The Young Medics Forum operated a website with a calendar, news and a job exchange. It sent out a newsletter several times a year with information on anthroposophic and integrative medicine, in the early days also newsletters by mail. There is a Facebook group, a wiki and a forum. In 2020 two organisations with similar goals followed: The Ita Wegman Forum and Young Impulses in Anthroposophic Medicine.